Agnès Ricart


Agnès Ricart

Valencia, Spain

Agnès is a full-time illustrator and animator whose defiant style is characterised by bold colors and a sharp line. After studying Fine Arts and Art Production, she specialised in painting and animation and worked as a designer, video producer and editor. As a woman of many talents, Agnès also has an MA in Art Education and taught art to children and teenagers. Her client list includes, among others, The
NYTimes, The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Buzzfeed, WeTransfer, New York Magazine, The Washington Post, Vice, Racquet, The Surfer’s Journal, Walmart, Baja East, Harper Collins, Zeit, Lufthansa Airlines.

  • garance-illustration-Agnès-Ricart-New-Balance-Coco

    New Balance - Coco

  • garance-illustration-Agnès-Ricart-New-Balance-Jordan

    New Balance - Jordan

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-NYMAG-Seth-4_web

    New York Magazine - Seth

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-EntertainmentWeekly_web

    Entertainment Weekly

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-TheNewYorker2_web

    The New Yorker

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-The-NewYorkTimes3_web

    The New York Times

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-NYTimes_web

    The New York Times

  • Garance-Illustration-AgnesRicart-WashingtonPost

    The Washington Post

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-Zeit3_web


  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-LaStampa_web

    La Stampa

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-NewYorkMag_web

    New York Magazine

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-BleacherReport1_web

    Bleacher Report

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-Racquet_Medvedev_web

    Racquet - Medvedev

  • Garance-Illustration-Agnes-Ricart-Bubbles

    Personal Work - Bubbles

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-Racquet_NaomiOsaka_web

    Racquet - Naomi Osaka

  • garance-illustration-Agnes-Ricart-StylistFrance_web

    Stylist France

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-Republik2_web


  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-Zeit_web


  • garance-illustration-Zeit-Farm_web


  • garance-illustration-Wetransfer-Final_web

    We Transfer

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-Zeit2_web


  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-VanityFair_web

    Vanity Fair

  • Garance-Illustration-Agnes-Ricart-Gucci

    Personal Work - Gucci

  • Garance-Illustration-AgnesRicart-NYTimes

    The New York Times

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-TheNewYorker_web

    The New Yorker

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-ADOY-Final-NEW-low_web

    ADOY - Lead Album Cover Artwork

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-Tourist_web


  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-ADOY_web

    ADOY - Record Sleeve

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-BajaEast_6_web

    Baja East

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-BajaEast_7_web

    Baja East

  • garance-illustration-AgnesRicart-Novum_1_web