Allira Tee

Melbourne, Australia

Allira works primarily with the drawing mediums of ink and graphite as the basis of her illustrations and uses a mix of traditional and digital techniques for colouring. Nature and animals strongly influence and inspire all of her work. She has undertaken a variety of commissions with clients from around the world, including Hygge & West, HarperCollins and Eeboo. Allira is currently writing and illustrating her debut children’s book.
  • Allira_Animals-on-Chairs

    Animals on Chairs

  • Allira_LAffiche-Moderne_Jungle_1

    L'Affiche Moderne Jungle

  • Allira_Summer-Day

    Summer Day

  • Allira_Start-Simple-Cookbook_Spot-illustrations

    Start Simple Cookbook Spot illustrations

  • Allira_Spring


  • Allira_PapierMagazinexColette_Of-All-Stripe

    Papier Magazinex Colette Of All Stripe

  • Allira_Panthers


  • Allira_Music-Makers

    Music Makers

  • Allira_Moons-and-Planets

    Moons and Planets

  • Allira_Messenger-Seagulls

    Messenger Seagulls

  • Allira_Lilypads-and-Frogs

    Lilypads and Frogs

  • Allira_Lemurs


  • Allira_LAffiche-Moderne_Treasure-Map

    L'Affiche Moderne Treasure Map

  • Allira_LAffiche-Moderne_Sea-Life

    L'Affiche Moderne - Sea Life

  • Allira_LAffiche-Moderne_Mammals-Tree-of-Life

    L'Affiche Moderne - Mammals Tree of Life

  • Allira_LAffiche-Moderne_Jungle_2

    L'Affiche Moderne - Jungle

  • Allira_Killer-Whales

    Killer Whales

  • Allira_Australian-Animals

    Australian Animals

  • Allira_Kangaroo-Paw

    Kangaroo Paw

  • Allira_House-Plants

    House Plants

  • Allira_Galapagos


  • Allira_Fish-and-Turtles

    Fish and Turtles

  • Allira_Figs-and-Quince

    Figs and Quince

  • Allira_Eeboo_Wildlife-Interior-Puzzle

    Eeboo - Wildlife Interior Puzzle

  • Allira_Eat-Your-Greens

    Eat Your Greens

  • Allira_Dinosaurs


  • Allira_Dancing-Sloths

    Dancing Sloths

  • Allira_Conga-Line

    Conga Line

  • Allira_Cheetahs-and-Shuttlecocks

    Cheetahs and Shuttlecocks

  • Allira_Bengal-Sunrise_Hygge-and-West

    Bengal Sunrise - Hygge and West

  • Allira_Badger-and-Friends

    Badger and Friends

  • Allira_Autumn


  • Allira_Woodland-Wonderland

    Woodland Wonderland