Birgit Schössow

Hamburg, Germany

Birgit Schössow’s beautiful and poetic artworks reflect her love for life as well as her warmth. She says herself that there is no boundary between life and work for an artist, which explains why she has set up her studio at the heart of her home. That’s where she works, inspired by many sources ranging from Rembrandt to Sempé, the Northern German sea, or the rough texture of an old wall. Her client list is as varied as the techniques she uses and includes newspapers and magazines (The New Yorker, Die Zeit…) as well as children’s books. Birgit is a Society of Illustrators of New York and American Illustration award-winner.

  • garance-illustration-CoverStory-STORY_schossow_climate_wave_web

    The New Yorker - 28/11/22 Cover

  • Garance-Illustration-Birgit-Schossow-9.11


  • Garance-Illustration-Birgit-Schossow-The-Guggenheim

    The Guggenheim

  • garance-illustration-birgit-schossow-best-wishes-1

    Best wishes

  • garance-illustration-birgit-schossow-best-wishes-2

    Best wishes

  • garance-illustration-birgit-schossow-best-wishes-3

    Best wishes

  • garance-birgit-shoessow-reflection

    Personal work - Reflection

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-busstop_500

    Personal work - Back to school

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-cavemen

    Personal work - Cavemen

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-Cover-newyorker-leaf

    The New Yorker - Cover - Leaf

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-fashion-chrysler

    Series on Fashion icons - Chrysler building

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-fashion-dior-1947

    Series on Fashion icons - Dior 1947

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-fashion-givenchy-1950s

    Series on Fashion icons- Givenchy 1950s

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-fashion-marlene-30er

    Series on Fashion icons - Marlene Dietrich 1930s

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-fashion-punk-70

    Series on Fashion icons - 1970s Punk

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-finishing-time

    Personal work - Finishing time

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-freibadsonntag

    Book cover - Sunday swimming pool

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-morning-glory-skyline

    Personal work - Morning

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-new-yorker-90th-2

    Proposition for The New Yorker 90th edition

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-Pages-from-economie-3

    Personal work - Fresh news, fresh catch

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-Pages-from-economie-18


  • garance-birgit-schoessow-start

    Personal work - Starting point

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-sushi

    Personal work - Sushi

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-the_wood

    Personal work - The woods

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-traffic

    Personal work - Traffic

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-winter-18

    Personal work - Santa's bath

  • garance-birgit-schoessow-winter

    Personal work - Winter in the park

  • garance-birgit-shoessow-algorithmic-experience

    Experience Magazine - The existentials of algorithmics

  • Birgit-Schössow-New-Yorker-Cover-City-Flair

    The New Yorker- Cover - City Flair

  • Birgit-Schössow-New-Yorker-Magazine-cover-Flatiron-Icebreaker

    The New Yorker Magazine - Cover - Flatiron Icebreaker

  • Birgit-Schössow-New-Yorker-Cover-First-tracks

    The New Yorker - Cover - First tracks

  • Birgit-Schössow-Proposition-for-the-New-Yorker-Swing

    Proposition for The New Yorker - Swing

  • Birgit-Schössow-Proposition-for-the-New-Yorker-cover-Wedding

    Proposition for The New Yorker cover- Wedding

  • Birgit-Schössow-New-Yorker-magazine-Big-city-Noir

    The New Yorker Magazine - Big city Noir

  • Birgit-Schössow-Jumping-into-summer

    Personal work - Jumping into summer

  • Birgit-Schössow-Personal-work-Saint-Marc-sur-Mer

    Personal work - Saint Marc sur Mer

  • Birgit-Schössow-Personal-work-Saint-Marc-sur-Mer2

    Personal work - Saint Marc sur Mer

  • Birgit-Schössow-Marthas-Vineyard-Journal

    Martha's Vineyard Journal

  • Birgit-Schössow-Falling-leaves-in-Autumn-illustration-for-German-newspaper-Die-Zeit

    Die Zeit - Falling leaves in Autumn

  • Birgit-Schössow-Personal-work-Fall

    Personal work - Autumn

  • Birgit-Schössow-Greeting-from-New-York

    Greetings from New York

  • Birgit-Schössow-Greeting-from-New-York2

    Greetings from New York

  • Birgit-Schössow-Illustration-series-on-Love-1-

    Series on Love - American Gaythic

  • Birgit-Schössow-Series-on-love-3-

    Series on love - For better, for worse

  • Birgit-Schössow-Loews-Kings-theater-1961-Breakfast-at-Tiffanys

    Personal work - Loew's Kings theater in 1961 -Breakfast at Tiffany's

  • Birgit-Schössow-Book-cover-Bye-Bye-Berlin

    Book cover - Bye Bye Berlin

  • Birgit-Schössow-Personal-work-Homage-to-Muhammad-Ali

    Personal work - Tribute to Muhammad Ali

  • Birgit-Schössow-Personal-work-Portrait-of-Bob-Dylan

    Personal work - Portrait of Bob Dylan

  • Birgit-Schössow-Personal-work-Urban-winter-sport

    Personal work - How to keep the city fun in winter

  • Birgit-Schössow-Personal-work-Winter-in-the-park

    Personal work - Winter in the park

  • Birgit-Schössow-Winter-game

    Personal work - Winter game