Clo'e Floirat

Seattle, WA, USA

Clo’e Floirat is an illustrator, an art critic as well as an architect and she has more than one trick up her sleeve. Clo’e has always moved to live where art was calling her: France, the USA, the Netherlands and Germany. Roaming the world – and the art world – has enriched her perception of art in its making, its reception and the reflection around it. Several magazines publish her research on the relationship between critical writing and critical drawing. Clo’e’s creations cast a critical, humorous and refreshing look on the world of contemporary art while making art critic a joyful and light business.
  • Dog-and-Masters-spots-series-for-the-New-Yorker-magazine-scarf-

    The New Yorker magazine- Dog and Masters spots series - Scarf

  • Dog-and-Masters-spots-series-for-the-New-Yorker-magazine-Poodle

    The New Yorker magazine - Dog and Masters spots series - Poodle

  • Dog-and-Masters-spots-series-for-the-New-Yorker-magazine-pointer

    The New Yorker magazine - Dog and Masters spots series - Pointer

  • Dog-and-Masters-spots-series-for-the-New-Yorker-magazine-drone

    The New Yorker magazine - Dog and Masters spots series - Drone

  • Dog-and-Masters-spots-series-for-the-New-Yorker-magazine-Balloon-

    The New Yorker magazine - Dog and Masters spots series - Balloon

  • Spots-series-for-the-New-Yorker-Magazine-dogs-and-their-masters

    The New Yorker magazine- Dogs and Masters spots series - Skateboarding

  • Melichat-stool-animated-gif

    Melichat stool -animated gif

  • Felichien-stool-animated-gif

    Felichien stool -animated gif

  • Felichien-and-Malichat-stools-

    Felichien and Melichat stools

  • Book-I-Am-Seeing-Someone-Edition-Marabout-2pm-in-the-Morning

    Book - I Am Seeing Someone- 2PM in the morning

  • Book-I-Am-Seeing-Someone-Editions-Marabout-Skizo

    Book - I Am Seeing Someone - Schizo

  • Book-I-Am-Seeing-Someone-Editions-Marabout-Happy-Meal

    Book - I Am Seeing Someone - Happy Meal

  • Book-I-Am-Seeing-Someone-Editions-Marabout.-The-Sofa

    Book - I Am Seeing Someone - The Sofa

  • Book-I-Am-Seeing-Someone-Editions-Marabout-Santa

    Book - I Am Seeing Someone -Santa

  • Book-I-Am-Seeing-Someone-Editions-Marabout-She-wont-talk-to-me

    Book- I Am Seeing Someone- Communication issues

  • The-Paula-Principle-02.

    The Paula Principle

  • animated-gif-cookies

    Cookies - animated gif

  • Illustration-for-Colette-Paris

    Colette Paris - Timely fashion

  • The-Awful-Tower.

    The Awful Tower

  • Camille-Henrot.

    Camille Henrot

  • Poster-for-LOccitane-and-Pierre-Hermé-event-in-Paris.

    Poster for L'Occitane and Pierre Hermé event in Paris.

  • conversation-1

    Conversation Chair #1

  • Conversation-2

    Conversation Chair #2

  • Conversation-chair-3

    Conversation chair #3

  • Conversation-chair-4

    Conversation chair #4