Emma Roulette

Barcelona, Spain

Emma Roulette, a full-time illustrator and teacher from Florida had a somewhat unusual introduction to the creative world. Yes, like most creatives she’s “been drawing or keeping a sketchbook since as early as I can remember,” but it was while pursuing a career as an arachnologist – that’s the study of spiders and related animals, by the way –that she first got paid to draw. Today, Emma works on drawings and comics, working in pen before adding color and texture with Photoshop, on topics close to her heart – and relatively bug-free!

  • Garance-Illustration-Emma-Roulette-Decorrespondent

    Decorrespondent - Politics & anthropology the FC Barcelona

  • Garance-Illustration-Emma-Roulette-NBC-news-Steep-Housing-Prices

    NBC news - Steep Rising Housing Prices

  • garance-illustration-Emma-Roulette-Washington-Post-Best-Audio-Books-On-a-Car-Trip

    The Washington Post - Best Audio Books On a Car Trip

  • garance-illustration-Emma-Roulette-Washington-Post-Summer-Reads-1

    The Washington Post - Summer Reads

  • garance-illustration-Emma-Roulette-Washington-Post-Summer-Reads

    The Washington Post - Summer Reads

  • Garance-Illustration-Emma-Roulette-Chobani-Greek-Yogurt

    Chobani - Greek Yogurt

  • Garance-Illustration-Emma-Roulette-Chobani-Community

    Chobani - Community

  • garance-illustration-Emma-Roulette-Chobani-Cows-in-pasture

    Chobani - Cows in pasture

  • Garance-illustration-Emma-Roulette-Chobani-Rainbow-Canyon

    Chobani - Rainbow Canyon

  • Garance-Illustration-Emma-Roulette-Chobani-Oat

    Chobani Oat

  • Garance-Illustration-Emma-Roulette-Chobani-Trucks

    Chobani - Shipping process

  • Garance-Emma-Roulette-Night-life-section-of-new-yorker-mag

    The New Yorker Magazine - Night life section

  • ezgif-2-eecf29f0cc8c

    Experience Magazine

  • Garance-Emma-Roulette-Experience-magazine-beauty-and-tech-

    Experience Magazine - Beauty and Tech

  • Garance-Emma-Roulette-Book-Cover-of-Science-fiction-book-

    Science-fiction book cover

  • Garance-Emma-Roulette-Endangered-animals-in-Florida-

    Endangered animals in Florida

  • Garance-Emma-Roulette-Native-Florida-wildflowers

    Native Florida wildflowers

  • garance-emma-roulette-single-page-final

    Relief Magazine

  • garance-emma-roulette-double

    Relief Magazine

  • Garance-Emma-Roulette-vignette-reliefs-editions

    Relief Magazine

  • garance-emma-roulette-NYtimes-book-review-snakes

    NYTimes Book review - Snakes

  • Garance-Emma-Roulette-comic-book-to-be-published

    Upcoming comic book

  • Garance-Emma-Roulette-eixample-spread-from-a-comic-to-be-pubished

    Upcoming comic book

  • Garance-Emma-Roulette-Utopia-for-cars-holodeck-Birminghams-yearly-book5

    Holodeck Birmingham's yearly books - Autopia

  • garance-emma-roulette-culture-trip-auditorium

    Culture trip - Auditorium

  • garance-emma-roulette-culture-trip-home-studio

    Culture trip - Home studio

  • garance-emma-roulette-2unity-temple

    2unity temple

  • garance-emma-roulette-pile-poster-alt-version

    Pile poster

  • garance-emma-roulette-experience-magazine-alcatraz

    Experience magazine - Alcatraz

  • Emma-Roulette-Tarajal-Tragedy-An-immigrants-journey-from-Cameroun-to-Spain-Comic2

    Tarajal Tragedy - An immigrant's journey from Cameroun to Spain

  • Emma-Roulette-Tarajal-Tragedy-An-immigrants-journey-from-Cameroun-to-Spain-Comic1

    Tarajal Tragedy - An immigrant's journey from Cameroun to Spain

  • Emma-Roulette-Tarajal-Tragedy-An-immigrants-journey-from-Cameroun-to-Spain-Comic3

    Tarajal Tragedy - An immigrant's journey from Cameroun to Spain

  • Emma-Roulette-Illustration-for-a-comic-2-

    City view

  • Emma-Roulette-Illustration-for-a-comic

    Helicopter rooftop

  • Emma-Roulette-Personal-work-Metro

    Personal work - Metro

  • Emma-Roulette-Personal-work-A-village-in-the-Alps

    Personal work - A village in the Alps

  • Emma-Roulette-Personal-work-Heraklion

    Personal work - Heraklion

  • Emma-Roulette-Illustration-from-This-is-what-a-Feminist-looks-like-Zine-T-shirts-manufacture-2-

    This is what a Feminist looks like Zine - T-shirts manufacture

  • Emma-Roulette-Illustration-from-This-is-what-a-Feminist-looks-like-Zine-T-shirts-manufacture

    This is what a Feminist looks like Zine - T-shirts manufacture

  • Emma-Roulette-Self-portrait


  • Emma-Roulette-Personal-work-Tunnel-of-love

    Personal work - Tunnel of love

  • Emma-Roulette-Personal-work-In-your-head

    Personal work - In your head

  • Emma-Roulette-Personal-work-Fridge

    Personal work - Fridge

  • Emma-Roulette-Personal-work-Hike

    Personal work - Hike