Eric Giriat

Paris, France
Berlin, Germany

French artist Eric Giriat’s style is poetic, colorful and… well, simply put, happy. He mixes painting, collage, pictures and pixels to create vivid images that illustrate anything ranging from fashion to psychology, and from politics to children’s books. Gifted with a big visual appetite, he loves to travel with his pencils and stylist highlighter pens, and frequently commutes between Paris, New York, Hamburg, Berlin and… Issy-les-Moulineaux.
  • garance-illustration-eric-giriat-portrait-Glen-MARTENS

    Glenn Martens

  • garance-illustration-eric-giriat-NATACHA-RAMSAY-LEVI

    Natacha Ramsay Levi

  • garance-illustration-eric-giriat-portrait-KOCHER


  • garance-illustration-eric-giriat-AMI-MATIUSSI

    AMI - Alexandre Mattiussi

  • garance-illustration-eric-giriat-KARL


  • garance-illustration-eric-giriat-VILLA-NOAILLES

    Villa Noailles

  • garance-illustration-eric-giriat-THO_Magazin

    THO Magazin

  • garance-illustration-Eric-Giriat-Bubbling-up-into-the-New-Year

    Bubbling up into the New Year

  • garance-illustration-Eric-Giriat-Experience-Magazine-Kristen-Kish

    Experience Magazine - Kristen Kish

  • Garance-Illustration-Eric-Giriat-AI-40-Selected-Winner-Volcano-Trump

    AI 40 Selected Winner - Volcano Trump

  • garance-illustration-eric-giriat-Madame-Figaro-My-life-made-to-my-measure

    Madame Figaro - My life made to (my) measure

  • garance-illustration-eric-giriat-le-new-black

    Le New Black

  • Eric-Giriat-Stay-safe-opti

    Stay home, stay safe

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-foot-dossier-1

    Les cahiers du football - Childhood

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-cahiers-du-football-baby

    Les cahiers du football - Baby

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-les-cahier-du-football-room-for-girls

    Les cahiers du football - room for girls

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-LOBS-GRETA-Thunberg

    L'Obs Magazine - GretaThunberg

  • Illustration-for-LObs-magazine-Democracy-

    L'Obs magazine -Democracy

  • illustration-for-a-poster-of-the-event-Fraternite-General-global-brotherhood-

    Fraternité Générale poster - Universal brotherhood -

  • postcard-design-drinking-love

    postcard design drinking love

  • Personal-work-Happiness-

    Personal work - Happiness-

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-BOURJOIS-Valentin©GIRIAT

    Bourjois - Valentine's day

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-Figaro

    Madame Figaro - Frontrow

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-Mad-Figaro-Front-Row-Wintour

    Madame Figaro - Front Row Wintour

  • Illustration-for-Mme-Figaro-Women-sexual-empowerment-

    Madame Figaro - Women sexual empowerment

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-Meme_les_legumes

    Book cover - 'Sex & food'

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-Les2Girafes-VoyageVoyage

    Les 2 Girafes Hotel - Collective art exhibit - Potrait of Desireless singer [Voyage voyage]

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-Washington-POST-PROM

    The Washington post magazine

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-Washington-POST

    The Washington post magazine

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-NOTREDAMEPARIS

    Notre dame de paris

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-reflexion-bienetre

    Reflexion - Wellness

  • Illustration-for-Marie-France-magazine-Hermes-

    Marie France magazine - Hermes

  • Illustration-for-Marie-France-magazine-Guerlain-

    Marie France magazine - Guerlain

  • Illustration-for-Marie-France-Magazine-Prada-shoes-

    Marie France Magazine - Prada

  • Illustration-for-Marie-France-magazine-YSL-

    Marie France magazine - YSL

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-STELLA_Best-boutiques-in-Britain

    Stella - Best boutiques in Britain

  • Illustration-for-Psychologie-Magazine-Marriage-

    Psychologie Magazine - Marriage

  • Illustration-for-Psychologie-magazine-Food-star-new-trend-neobistrot-

    Psychologie magazine - Food star new trend neobistrot

  • illustration-for-Psychologie-magazine-I-dont-like-to-wear-make-up-

    Psychologie magazine - 'I don't like to wear make-up'

  • illustration-for-New-York-guide-50-maps-Sweet-places-in-NY-

    New York guide 50 maps - Sweet places in NY

  • Illustration-for-TGV-magazine

    TGV magazine

  • Packaging-design-for-Hera-cosmetic-limited-edition-Romantic-Lessons-lipsticks-collection-

    Packaging design for Hera cosmetic limited edition -Romantic Lessons -lipsticks collection-

  • Packaging-design-for-Hera-cosmetic-limited-edition-Romantic-Lessons-Powder-compact-

    Packaging design - Hera cosmetic limited edition - Romantic Lessons - Powder compact

  • Packaging-design-for-Hera-cosmetic-limited-edition-Romantic-Lessons-lipsticks-animated-gif

    Packaging design for Hera cosmetic limited edition -Romantic Lessons - lipsticks animated gif

  • design-of-a-backdrop-window-of-Le-Bon-Marché-Rive-Gauche-windows-for-the-event-Iris-in-Paris-at-the-flee-market

    design of a backdrop window of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche windows for the event 'Iris in Paris' at the flee market

  • Iris-Apfel-in-front-of-one-of-Le-Bon-Marché-Rive-Gauche-windows-for-the-event-Iris-in-Paris

    Iris Apfel in front of one of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche windows for the event 'Iris in Paris'

  • Design-of-a-backdrop-window-of-Le-Bon-Marché-Rive-Gauche-windows-for-the-event-Iris-in-Paris-at-a-dinner-

    Design of a backdrop window of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche windows for the event 'Iris in Paris' at a dinner-

  • Scarf-design-for-Le-Bon-Marché-for-the-event-IRIS-IN-PARIS

    Scarf design for Le Bon Marché for the event IRIS IN PARIS

  • design-of-a-backdrop-window-of-Le-Bon-Marché-Rive-Gauche-windows-for-the-event-Iris-in-Paris-at-the-museum

    design of a backdrop window of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche windows for the event 'Iris in Paris' at the museum

  • Book-Cover-Iris-Apfel-accidental-icon-Harper-Design-publisher

    Book Cover Iris Apfel, accidental icon, Harper Design publisher

  • design-of-a-backdrop-window-of-Le-Bon-Marché-Rive-Gauche-windows-for-the-event-Iris-in-Paris-at-the-cafe

    design of a backdrop window of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche windows for the event 'Iris in Paris' at the cafe

  • Design-of-a-backdrop-window-of-Le-Bon-Marché-Rive-Gauche-windows-for-the-event-Iris-in-Paris-at-the-park

    Design of a backdrop window of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche windows for the event 'Iris in Paris' at the park

  • Zodiac-signs-for-Madame-Figaro-magazine

    Zodiac signs for Madame Figaro magazine

  • Book-cover-Gens-heureux-Marabout-publisher-

    Book cover - 'Les gens heureux' [Happy People]

  • covers-of-Lonely-Planet-conversation-guides.

    cover of Lonely Planet conversation guide

  • Illustration-for-Lonely-Planet-conversation-Chinese-

    Lonely Planet conversation guide - Chinese

  • illustration-for-Lonely-Planet-conversation-guide-Hindi-

    Lonely Planet conversation guide - Hindi

  • Illustration-for-the-Lonely-Planet-conversation-guide-Polish-

    Lonely Planet conversation guide -Polish

  • Illustration-for-Lonely-Planet-Japan.

    Lonely Planet Conversation Guide - Japanese

  • Garance-Eric-Giriat-50ansMCMaison

    50 ans MC Maison