Geoffroy de Crécy

Paris, France

After learning 3D with video-game giant Ubisoft, Geoffroy de Crécy started exploring ways to tell the stories he wanted to tell using technology that combines traditional animation, stop-motion, mixed media, and 3D. Geoffroy often puts machines to work in his hypnotizing animated loops in a world where the only motion is the perpetual rolling of an escalator or the vibrations of an electric toothbrush. Geoffroy likes to think of viewers wondering what happened to all the people. We smile, reflect, and are transported by each of his creations.
  • garance-illustration-Geoffroy-de-Crecy-Shoes-rendidoD-3

    Wired - Merrell Shoes

  • garance-illustration-Geoffroy-de-Crecy-Shoes-animation

    Wired - Merrell Shoes

  • garance-illustration-Geoffroy-de-Crecy-Shoes-skull

    Wired - Merrell Shoes

  • garance-illustration-Geoffroy-de-Crecy-Flower-By-Kenzo

    Flower By Kenzo

  • garance-illustration-Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Empty-Places-Césars-Nomination-Poster

    Empty Places - Césars Nomination Poster

  • garance-illustration-Geoffroy-de-Crecy-Empty-Places

    Empty Places

  • garance-illustration-Geoffroy-de-Crecy-Empty-Places4_web

    Empty Places

  • garance-illustration-Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Empty-Places

    Empty Places

  • garance-illustration-Geoffroy-de-Crecy-Empty-places-4_we

    Empty places

  • garance-illustration-geoffroy-de-crecy

    Harvard Magazine

  • garance-illustration-Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Atelier-Cologne-Breakfast-in-Positano

    Atelier Cologne - Breakfast in Positano

  • Garance-Illustration-Geoffroy-De-Crécy-Atelier-Cologne

    Atelier Cologne

  • Garance-Illustration-Geoffroy-De-Crécy-Atelier-Cologne2

    Atelier Cologne

  • Garance-Illustration-Geoffroy-De-Crécy-Atelier-Cologne4

    Atelier Cologne

  • Garance-Illustration-Geoffroy-De-Crécy-Atelier-Cologne3

    Atelier Cologne

  • Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Google-All-sports

    Google - All sports

  • Gif-animation-Ski-lift

    Le Monde Magazine - Ski lift gif

  • Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Le-Monde-Magazine-ski

    Le Monde Magazine - Footprints

  • Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Le-Monde-Magazine-Hot-cocoa

    Le Monde Magazine - Hot cocoa

  • Geoffroy-De-Crecy-

    The Atlantic

  • Geoffroy-de-Crécy-The-Atlantic-We-work

    The Atlantic - We work

  • Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Yellow-vision-magazine-Shared-workspace

    Yellow vision magazine - Shared workspace

  • Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Traveltech-landscape

    Paris Worlwide

  • Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Maison-Européene-de-lArchitecture-building

    Maison Européene de l'Architecture -Building

  • Geoffroy-De-Crécy-Personal-work-Fly-by

    Personal work - Fly by

  • personal-work-sunset-

    Personal work - Sunset

  • Gif-animation-of-everyday-machine-the-toothbrush-

    Everyday machines - Toothbrush

  • Gif-animation-of-everyday-machine-tennis-ball-thrower-

    Everyday machines - Tennis ball launcher

  • Gif-animation-endless-love

    Everyday machines - Endless love

  • Gif-animation-stuck-lift

    Everyday machines - Stuck elevator

  • garance-illustration-garance-illustration-geoffroy-de-crecy-wired_web


  • Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Nature

    Nature - Robots playing

  • smoking-car-in-space

    Smoking car in space

  • chess-in-space

    Chess in space

  • Allo-Houston

    Houston, we have a burger.

  • Gif-animation-sushi-belt

    Everyday machines - Sushi belt

  • Geoffroy-de-Crécy-Personal-work-glasses

    Personal work - Glasses

  • personal-work3

    Personal work - Turntable

  • personal-work-1

    Personal work - Sneaker

  • Geoffroy-De-Crécy-Personal-work-pool

    Personal work - Pool

  • On-the-diving-board

    Personal work - on the diving board

  • 3d-rugbyman

    Personal work - Try!

  • sc_Geof_kenz


  • gdcep

    Empty Places

  • vlcsnap-2020-04-21-16h44m34s073

    At home

  • Experience


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