Grace Helmer

London, UK

Grace Helmer is a London-based freelance illustrator originally from Brighton, UK. Natural forms, people watching and a sense of adventure inspire Grace’s playful and colourful work. Her compositions capture the feeling of discovery when you visit somewhere for the first time, and celebrate the beauty in the everyday. Previous clients include Apple, Octopus Books, HarvardX, Google, The Washington Post, Vogue, Nobrow, and more.
  • Garance-Grace-Helmer-personal-work

    Personal work - Still life

  • Garance-Grace-Helmer-fruits-veggies

    Personal work - Fruit & veggies

  • Garance-Grace-Helmer-personal-wrok

    Personal work - Forest

  • Garance-Grace-Helmer-ghelmer_garance_fuits

    Personal work - Cherries & an eggplant

  • Garance-Grace-Helmer-Daiwa_Final_6_1000

    Daiwa - Petting the dog

  • Garance-Grace-Helmer-Daiwa_Final_5_1000

    Daiwa - Studio

  • Garance-Grace-Helmer-Daiwa_Final_4_1000

    Daiwa - Tea Party

  • Grace-Helmer-Oslo-Comic

    Oslo Comic

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-oslo-comic2

    Oslo comic

  • Garance-Grace-Helmer-way-of-traveling-4set-of-cards-for-travelers

    Ways of traveling - Set of cards for travelers

  • Garance-Grace-Helmer-ways-of-traveling5.set-of-cards-for-travelers

    Ways of traveling - Set of cards for travelers

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Ways-of-traveling2set-of-cards-for-travelers

    Ways of traveling - Set of cards for travelers

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Ways-of-traveling3-set-of-cards-for-travelers

    Ways of traveling - Set of cards for travelers

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Ways-of-traveling1-set-of-cards-for-travelers

    Ways of traveling - Set of cards for travelers

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-NY-Times

    The NYTimes - Balancing work and family life

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Pellicle-magaine-Faroe

    Pellicle magazine - Faroe islands

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Pellicle-magazine-mongolia

    Pellicle magazine - Mongolia

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-personal-project-blue_whale_

    Personal work - Blue whale

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-personal-project-Whales-breaching

    Personal project - Whales breaching

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Good-Boys-for-Everpress

    Everpress - Good Boys

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Underground-cover

    Underground cover

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Railways-cover

    Railways cover

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Shinrin-Yoku-a-book-about-Japanese-forest-bathin-forest-autumn

    'Shinrin Yoku', a book about Japanese forest bathing - Autumn forest

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Shinrin-Yoku-a-book-about-Japanese-forest-bathin-forest-spring

    'Shinrin Yoku', a book about Japanese forest bathing - Spring Forest

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Shinrin-Yoku-a-book-about-Japanese-forest-bathin-forest-summer

    'Shinrin Yoku', a book about Japanese forest bathing - Summer forest

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Lazy_Magazine_wake-and-make

    Lazy Magazine - Wake and make

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Lazy_Magazine-duvet-suit

    Lazy Magazine - Duvet suit

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-the-Van-Gogh-Activity-Book-impressionism

    The Van Gogh Activity Book - Impressionism

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-the-Van-Gogh-Activity-Book-night-skies

    The Van Gogh Activity Book - Night skies

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-the-Van-Gogh-Activity-Book-self-portraits

    The Van Gogh Activity Book - Self portraits

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Le-Temps-T-Magazine-1

    Le Temps T Magazine

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Le-Temps-T-Magazine-2

    Le Temps T Magazine

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Le-Temps-T-Magazine-3

    Le Temps T Magazine

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-NY-times-landmarks-in-districts-across-the-US-House-Clusters-

    The NYTimes - Landmarks in districts across the US - House - Clusters

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-NY-times-landmarks-in-districts-across-the-US-2-

    The NYTimes - Landmarks in districts across the US

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-NY-times-landmarks-in-districts-across-the-US-3

    The NYTimes - Landmarks in districts across the US

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-NY-times-landmarks-in-districts-across-the-US-4

    The NYTimes - Landmarks in districts across the US

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-NY-times-landmarks-in-districts-across-the-US-5

    The NYTimes - Landmarks in districts across the US

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-cana-st-martin-Kiblind-magazine

    Kiblind magazine - Le Canal Saint Martin

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-In-the-Mountains-The-health-and-wellbeing-benefits-of-spending-time-at-altitude-5

    In the Mountains - The health and wellbeing benefits of spending time at altitude

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-In-the-Mountains-The-health-and-wellbeing-benefits-of-spending-time-at-altitude-3

    In the Mountains - The health and wellbeing benefits of spending time at altitude

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-In-the-Mountains-The-health-and-wellbeing-benefits-of-spending-time-at-altitude-7

    In the Mountains - The health and wellbeing benefits of spending time at altitude

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-In-the-Mountains-The-health-and-wellbeing-benefits-of-spending-time-at-altitude-8

    'In the Mountains- The health and wellbeing benefits of spending time at altitude'

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Aww_Magazine

    Aww Magazine

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-Riverhead-Books-Spring-catalogue-promotion-NARRATIVE

    Riverhead Books Spring catalogue promotion - Narrative

  • Grace-Helmer-The-swimming-pool-at-Glass-Mill-Leisure-Centre-in-Lewisham-for-South-east-London-Journal

    South East London Journal - Lewisham swimming pool

  • Grace-Helmer-Illustration-for-South-East-London-Journal

    South East London Journal - Feast

  • Grace-Helmer-Another-Escape-Magazine-UK

    Another Escape Magazine UK - Jungle

  • Grace-Helmer-Illustration-for-The-Roasting-Tin-cookbook-by-Rukmini-Iyer-published-by-Square-Peg-Penguin-Random-House

    The Roasting Tin cookbook

  • Grace-Helmer-Cover-and-title-for-Olia-Hercules-cookbook-Kaukasis

    Olia Hercules cookbook Kaukasis - Cover and title

  • Grace-Helmer-Dancing-Animated-Gif


  • Grace-Helmer-Illustration-for-the-Taste-Column-in-Surface-Magazine-guest-written-by-Claire-Danes

    Surface Magazine - Taste Column

  • Grace-Helmer-Personal-work-Japan

    Personal work - Japan

  • Grace-Helmer-Personal-work-Akhihabara

    Personal work - Akhihabara

  • Grace-Helmer-Personal-work-Kyoto

    Personal work - Kyoto

  • Grace-Helmer-Personal-work-Lake-Biwa-Charlotte

    Personal work - Lake Biwa Charlotte

  • Grace-Helmer-Personal-work-Saga-Koume-chan

    Personal work - Saga Koume-chan

  • Grace-Helmer-Personal-work-Osaka-Dotonburi

    Personal work - Osaka, Dotonburi

  • Grace-Helmer-Personal-work-Plane

    Personal work - Plane

  • Grace-Helmer-Personal-work-Shinjuku

    Personal work - Shinjuku

  • Grace-Helmer-Personal-work-Taipei

    Personal work - Taipei

  • Grace-Helmer-Personal-work-Wakayama-Up-Hill-

    Personal work - Wakayama, Up Hill

  • Grace-Helmer-Short-loop-ident-for-Canadian-TV-channel-VRAK

    Canadian TV channel VRAK - Short loop

  • Garance-Grace-helmer-personal-work-Jim-Naoshima

    Personal work - Jim Naoshima

  • Grace-Helmer-Yoga-spots-for-Liz-Earle-Wellbeing-magazine

    Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine - Yoga spots