Hélène Builly

Paris, France

Hélène Builly is a mixed-media artist whose artworks project an elegantly sophisticated aesthetic. For Hélène, collage is all about challenging the order of things by mixing them up, and making sense out of them in the process. In her Paris studio, she collects photographs from various time periods and also goes image-hunting in the city with her own camera to achieve the collage she envisions. As she likes taking things into her own hands, she is also the director of the Art section in Les Cahiers Européens de l’Imaginaire magazine, edited by the CNRS.
  • Hélène-Builly

    Laval Theater

  • Garance-helene-Builly-theatre-des-Celestins1

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_05

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_02

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_04

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_14

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_12

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_06

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_04_1

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_1

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_13

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_03_1

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_09

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Théâtre-des-Célestins_02_1

    Théâtre des Célestins

  • Garance-helene-Builly-cpl-Aromas

    CPl Aromas

  • Wine-label-for-French-Winery

    Sarnin Verrux Wines - Bottle Label

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Water-Jump

    Google Pixels - The Dive

  • Personal-work

    Personal work - By the Sea

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Fall

    Personal work - Fall

  • self-initiated-artwork-Lile-des-lotophages

    Personal work - L'ile des lotophages

  • Poster-for-a-French-music-festival

    Music festival poster

  • Poster-for-a-French-music-festival-Les-Femmes-Sen-Melent

    Music festival poster

  • Personal-work-Versailles-

    Personal work - Versailles

  • Garance-helene-Builly-labelleendormie

    Personal Work - La Belle Endormie

  • Packaging-design

    Chavassieux - Packaging design

  • Garance-helene-Builly-Tennis

    Paris World Wide Magazine - Cover

  • Self-initiated-artwork

    Personal work - Walking the Line

  • Garance-helene-Builly-laundry

    Personal work - Laundry

  • illustration-for-Psychologie-magazine

    Psychologie Magazine

  • Illustration-for-Stylist-magazine

    Stylist magazine

  • Illustration-for-Esquire-magazine

    Esquire Magazine - Icons

  • Book-cover-Fabula-the-story-of-Corsica

    Book cover - 'Fabula, the history of Corsica'

  • Personal-work-Voxpopuli-

    Personal work - Vox Populi

  • Garance-helene-Builly-demainentretesmains

    Book - 'Demain entre tes mains'

  • Poster-design-for-the-World-Wildlife-Fund.

    World Wildlife Fund - Poster

  • 2016-greeting-card-for-producer-La-Bande-Originale

    La Bande Originale - Greeting card

  • Illustration-for-Pellerin-magazine-Christian-hope-

    Pèlerin Magazine - Christian Hope

  • Book-Cover-Le-Reve-et-La-Metaphore-CNRS-editions

    Book Cover - Le Rêve et La Métaphore -CNRS editions