Orleans, France

Illustrator duo Mayumi Otero and Raphael Urwiller make up Icinori, an illustration studio and publishing house based in Orleans, France. An unquenchable thirst for independence explains how these two artists started their own experimental publishing laboratory, where they concoct books and children’s books from start to finish. Their unique silkscreen printing creations also work exquisitely well in the press, including The New York Times, Wired, XXI, Forbes Magazine.
  • sDEDAR_S15_BICYCLE-duo_rough11-opti

    Dedar Milano - Minutes - Bicycle Duo

  • sDEDAR_S13_HORSE_V15FULL-opti

    Dedar Milano - Minutes - Two is better than one

  • Kino-opti

    Dedar Milano - Minutes - Kino

  • J_Greenman_SOMEWHERE_roughV21_SEND-opti


  • Icinori-Pattern-designed-for-clothing-brand-Cotélac

    Design for clothing brand Cotélac

  • Icinori-Design-for-clothing-brand-Cotélac

    Design for clothing brand Cotélac

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-50-Maps-Paris-guide

    50 Maps guides Series - Paris

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-50-Maps-guides-series-Berlin-

    50 Maps guides series - Berlin

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-50-Maps-London-guide

    50 Maps guides series - London

  • Icinori-Thematic-maps-of-New-York-City-Underground-Music-for-a-guidebook

    Thematic maps of New York City - Underground & Music

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-French-magazine-Challenge

    Challenges Magazine - Racing the clock

  • Icinori-Opener-illustration-for-French-magazine-XXI

    XXI Magazine - Opener illustration

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-French-magazine-XXI

    XXI Magazine - Farmer

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-French-magazine-XXI-1

    XXI Magazine

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-German-magazine-Hohe-Luft

    Hohe Luft Magazine - Industry

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-Icinoris-My-Monkey-exhibition-in-Nancy-France

    Icinori's "My Monkey" Exhibition

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-Gucci-Master

    Gucci Master - Show jumping

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-travel-magazine-Long-Cours-Canada

    Long Cours travel magazine - Canada

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-Wired-Magazine

    Wired Magazine - Technology past & present

  • Icinori-Illustration-from-the-childrens-book-Elle-tourne...

    Children's book "Elle tourne..."

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-letterpress-concertina-book-Explorers-

    Letterpress concertina book - Explorers

  • Icinori-Illustration-from-the-self-published-and-letterpress-printed-book-La-Loi-du-Plus-fort

    Self-published and letterpress-printed book "La Loi du Plus fort"

  • Icinori-Illustration-from-the-self-published-book-Jean-Jean-printed-on-letterpress

    Self-published and letterpress-printed book "Jean & Jean"

  • Icinori-Poster-for-the-exhibition-Le-grand-Paris

    Poster for the exhibition " Le grand Paris"

  • Icinori-Screen-printed-image

    Screen printed image

  • Icinori-Book-cover-of-Omnivore-a-book-on-coffee-

    Book cover - Omnivore

  • Icinori-Gouache-illustration-for-an-art-exhibition

    Gouache illustration for an art exhibition

  • Icinori-Cover-of-Variety

    Variety Magazine - Cover

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-French-magazine-LExpress

    L'Express Magazine - Caring

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-Historia


  • Icinori-Illustration-for-MIT-Technology-Review

    MIT Technology Review

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-Paris-été-Magazine

    Paris été Magazine

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-Paris-été-Magazine-1

    Paris été Magazine

  • Icinori-Illustration-for-the-Parisianer

    The Parisianer

  • Icinori-Screenprinted-poster-for-Le-Lieu-Unique-an-art-center-in-Nantes-France

    Screenprinted poster for Le Lieu Unique art center

  • Icinori-Screenshots-from-an-animated-short-made-for-the-Hunting-Museum-Paris

    Hunting Museum, Paris

  • Icinori-Book-cover-Feuilleton

    Book cover - Feuilleton