Jack Richardson

New York, NY, USA

Jack is a British illustrator who has been based in New York since 2008, dividing his time between the mountains of the Catskills and Brooklyn. Narrative, humor and well observed look at life all feature in Jack’s work. His ultra figurative drawings convey the emotion of subtly relatable scenes as well as stunningly detailed landscapes. His illustrations can be seen in many publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Creative Review, Politico, Capital as well as for advertising with clients such as Apple, Nordstrom and Hundai.
  • garance-illustration-jack-richardson-The-Boston-Globe-Open-Road

    The Boston Globe

  • garance-illustration-jack-richardson-The-Boston-Globe-Bird-Watching

    The Boston Globe

  • garance-illustration-jack-richardson-The-Boston-Globe-Camping

    The Boston Globe

  • garance-illustration-jack-richardson-The-Boston-Globe-Family-Walk

    The Boston Globe

  • garance-illustration-jack-richardson-The-Boston-Globe-Fishing

    The Boston Globe

  • garance-illustration-jack-richardson-The-Boston-Globe-Walk-on-the-Beach

    The Boston Globe

  • garance-illustration-jack-richardson-MR_PORTER_SUPERBOWL_PACKERS_BUCSjpg

    Mr. Porter - Superbowl Packers Bucs

  • garance-illustration-Jack-Richardson-WSJ-Off-Duty-Cover-PJs-that-never-sleep-1

    WSJ Off Duty Cover - PJs that never sleep

  • garance-illustration-Jack-Richardson-WSJ-Off-Duty-Cover-PJs-that-never-sleep

    WSJ Off Duty Cover - PJs that never sleep

  • garance-illustration-Jack-Richardson-WSJ-Off-Duty-Cover-PJs-that-never-sleep2

    WSJ Off Duty Cover - PJs that never sleep

  • garance-illustration-Jack-Richardson-WSJ-Off-Duty-Cover-PJs-that-never-sleep3

    WSJ Off Duty Cover - PJs that never sleep

  • garance-illustration-Jack-Richardson-WSJ-Off-Duty-Cover-PJs-that-never-sleep4

    WSJ Off Duty Cover - PJs that never sleep

  • garance-illustration-Jack-Richardson-WSJ-Off-Duty-Interior-PJs-that-never-sleep

    WSJ Off Duty Jumper - PJs that never sleep

  • Garance-Illustration-Off-Duty-Rides

    Wall Street Journal - Rides

  • Garance-Illustration-Jack-Richardson-Emmy-Quarantine

    Emmy Awards Quarantine Edition

  • Garance-Illustration-Jack-Richardson-Werte-Fortune-Teller

    Werte - Fortune Teller

  • La_Times_Movies_Final-web

    Los Angeles Times - Movie theaters reopening

  • Jack-Richardson-Aftenposten-Innsikt-The-Invisible-Enemy-opti

    Aftenposten Innsikt - The Invisible Enemy


    Personal Work - Smell the Flowers

  • WSJ_Work_From_Home_Cover

    Wall Street Journal - Work From Home

  • Barrons_Bonds-2

    Barron's - Coronavirus Crash

  • garance-jack-richardson-santa

    Happy holidays!

  • Jack-Richardson-_-Illustration-for-Der-Spiegel

    Der Spiegel - Café

  • Jack-Richardson-Gift-card-for-Nordstrom

    Nordstrom - Giftcard

  • Jack-Richardson-Illustration-for-Creative-Review

    Creative Review - Spring

  • Jack-Richardson-Illustration-for-Outside-Magazine

    Outside Magazine - Surveillance

  • Jack-Richardson-Illustration-for-Politico

    Politico - Farmer

  • Jack-Richardson-Illustration-for-The-Economist

    The Economist - War

  • Jack-Richardson-Illustration-for-The-Economist2

    The Economist - Skis

  • Jack-Richardson-Illustration-for-The-Wall-Street-Journal

    The Wall Street Journal - Neighborhood restaurant

  • Jack-Richardson-Indianapolis-Monthly-Unlearning-God

    Indianapolis Monthly - Unlearning God

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-End-of-the-day

    Personal work - End of the day

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-Fall-in-Brooklyn

    Personal work - Fall in Brooklyn

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-Fish-and-chips

    Personal work - Fish and chips

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-Game-on

    Personal work - Game on

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-Motel-Pool

    Personal work - Motel Pool

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-Picking-flowers

    Personal work - Picking flowers

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-Summer-Night

    Personal work - Summer Night

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-Takeout

    Personal work - Takeout

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-Trick-or-Treat

    Personal work - Trick or Treat

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-Winter-light

    Personal work - Winter light

  • Jack-Richardson-Personal-work-The-way-up

    Personal work -The way up

  • Jack-Richardson-Portrait-of-David-Crosby

    Portrait of David Crosby

  • Jack-Richardson-Portrait-of-Emmylou-Harris

    Portrait of Emmylou Harris

  • Jack-Richardson-Portrait-of-Gloria-Steinem

    Portrait of Gloria Steinem