Julia Perrin

Paris, France

In addition to studying Political Science, Julia Perrin chose to become an illustrator so she could represent and show the world as she sees it. She likes to hint to reality rather than depict it, and her gentle brushstrokes together with her delicate color pallet leave room to the viewer’s imagination. Julia has lived in several places such as Kabila, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Paris, where she now lives, and her travels fuel her imagination as well as her art.
  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-carotte-cuisine-magazine

    Cuisine magazine

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-bleu-foret-tote-bag

    Bleu foret - Tote bag

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-74451379_203756903981229_3973186329238872420_n

    Personal work - Umbrella

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-plume-personal-work

    Personal work - Plume

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-carnet-des-saveurs

    Carnet des saveurs

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-personal-work-terrasse-4

    Personal work - Terrace

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-personal-work-terrasse-6

    Personal work - Terrace

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-terrasse_personal-work2

    Personal work - Terrace

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-terrasse3-personal-work

    Personal work - Terrace

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-terrasse5-personal-work

    Personal work - Terrace

  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-work-Parisian-series-

    Personal work - Parisian series

  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-work-on-the-movie-poster-LEffrontée

    Personal work on the movie poster L'Effrontée

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-espadrille2

    Personal Work - Stripes

  • Julia-Perrin-Illustration-for-Lancels-social-media-campaign-4

    Lancel's social media campaign

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-Lancel


  • Julia-Perrin-Illustration-for-Lancels-social-media-campaign-6

    Lancel's social media campaign

  • Julia-Perrin-Illustration-for-Lancels-social-media-campaign

    Lancel's social media campaign

  • Julia-Perrin-Illustration-for-Lancels-social-media-campaign-3

    Lancel's social media campaign

  • Julia-Perrin-illustration-for-Lancels-social-media-campaign-2

    Lancel's social media campaign

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-persona-work

    Personal Work - Purse

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-personal-work

    Personal work - Raining

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-A-new-Year

    A new Year

  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-work-Everyday-life

    Personal work - Everyday life

  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-work-Under-the-sun

    Personal work - Under the sun

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-bikini

    Personal work - Bikini

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-Weleda2

    Weleda - Flowers

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-Weleda-organic-plants-

    Weleda organic plants

  • Julia-Perrin-Flowers-for-Weleda

    Flowers for Weleda

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-Weleda-organic-plants

    Weleda-organic plants

  • Julia-Perrin-Packaging-for-designer-Roberto-Cavalli

    Packaging for designer Roberto Cavalli

  • Julia-Perrin-Packaging-design-for-la-Thé-Box-1

    Packaging design for la Thé Box

  • Julia-Perrin-Packaging-for-Joe-Malones-handmade-soap-collection

    Packaging for Joe Malone's handmade soap collection

  • Julia-Perrin-Illustration-for-wine-labels

    Wine Labels

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-couverture_DEF
  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-presque-comme-les-autres-cover

    Presque comme les autres

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-Love


  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-work-Series-of-portraits

    Personal work- Series of portraits

  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-work-Series-of-portraits-1

    Personal work - Series of portraits

  • Julia-Perrin-Portrait-of-French-designer-Serge-Lutens-for-the-Ritz

    Portrait of French designer Serge Lutens for the Ritz

  • Julia-Perrin-Portrait-of-German-designer-Karl-Lagerfeld-for-The-Ritz

    Portrait of German designer Karl Lagerfeld for The Ritz

  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-work-Portrait-Series-My-name-is-Simone

    Personal work - Portrait Series - My name is Simone

  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-project-Portrait

    Personal project - Portrait

  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-work-Soup

    Personal work - Soup

  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-work-Sea-food

    Personal work - Sea food

  • Julia-Perrin-Personal-work-Red-jars

    Personal work - Red jars

  • Garance-Julia-Perrin-Valentines