Lehel Kovacs

Budapest, Hungary

Lehel Kovacs combines hand-drawn elements with digital illustration techniques, with a graphic design background that shows. In his professional as well as personal work, you can sense the joyful approach Lehel has towards his work, often charming the viewer with eye-catching color schemes and great compositions. With a degree in window display, Lehel has a great eye for setting a scene, creating an overall style with his unique handmade calligraphy. He has projects from a wide range under his belt, working for multiple clients and personal projects simultaneously. He enjoys musk-melon and tuna sandwiches (not together, though.)
  • Garance-Illustration-Lehel-Kovacs-Hype-and-Hyper

    Hype and Hyper

  • experience

    Experience Magazine

  • expmag_c

    Experience Magazine

  • northeast1000px

    Experience Magazine

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Winter-sports-series-Ski-jumping

    Winter sports series- Ski jumping

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Personal-work-Slalom-skiing

    Personal work - Slalom skiing

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Winter-sports-series-Figure-skaters

    Winter sports series - Figure skaters

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Animated-gif-Ski-jumping

    Ski jumping - Animated Gif

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Illustration-for-the-L.A.-times-Love-birds

    The L.A. times - Love birds

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Illustration-for-the-L.A.-times-Apps-off-the-beaten-track

    The L.A. times- Apps off the beaten track

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Illustration-for-The-Los-Angeles-Times

    The L.A. Times - Firearm

  • Garance-Lehel-Kovacs-01b

    The New Yorker

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Illustration-for-The-New-York-times

    The New York times - Healing

  • Lehel-Kovacs-“Firsts”-portraits-of-the-first-African-American-basketball-player-and-football-player

    "Firsts”- portraits of the first African American sports players

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Dervish-self-initiated-work

    Personal work - Dervish

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Personal-work-The-Pool

    Personal work - The Pool

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Personal-work-selected-by-Society-of-Illustrators

    Personal work selected by Society of Illustrators

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Portrait-of-French-writer-Marcel-Proust

    Personal work - Marcel Proust

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Personal-work-The-city

    Personal work - The city

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Billboard-gir

    Personal work - Billboard girl

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Self-initiated-work

    Personal work - Drink up

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Personal-work-The-dive

    Personal work - The dive

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Personal-work-The-horse-race

    Personal work - The horse race

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Personal-work-Waterpolo

    Personal work - Waterpolo

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Personal-work-Summer-jogging

    Personal work - Summer jogging

  • Lehel-Kovacs-The-soccer-dance

    Personal work - The soccer dance

  • Lehel-Kovacs-Smoke

    Smoke - Animated gif