Léonie Després

London, UK



Oh, what I wouldn’t give to live in Léonie Després’ world! A world where the characters this young woman draws and animates are every shade of colorful, a world where “harmony” is the obvious choice of words to describe the human interactions that she masterfully depicts. Léonie takes on projects that matter to her and are in sync with her values: Alternatiba’s “What if… the post pandemic world looked very different from the one before?” project is a good example of how she can illustrate (and animate) a future full of hope, that hinges on doing things differently. And with young talented artists like Léonie Després, it feels like it could be more than just a pretty picture.


  • garance-illustration-Leonie-despres-BIL-Bank_web

    BIL Bank

  • garance-illustration-Leonie-Despres-BIL-Bank_web-1

    BIL Bank

  • garance-illustration-Leonie-Despres-BIL-Bank_web-2

    BIL Bank

  • garance-illustration-Leonie-Despres-BIL-Bank_web-3

    BIL Bank

  • garance-illustration-Leonie-despres-BIL-Bank._web

    BIL Bank

  • Garance-Illustration-Léonie-Després-Sled

    It's that time of year again! - Sled

  • Garance-Illustration-Léonie-Després-Snowman

    It's that time of year again! - Snowman

  • Garance-Illustration-Léonie-Després-Woodcutter

    It's that time of year again! - Woodcutter

  • Garance-Illustration-Léonie-Després

    It's that time of year again! - Hot coffee in the cold

  • Garance-Illustration-Léonie-Després-Ice-climbers

    It's that time of year again! - Ice climbers

  • garance-illustration-WiredLive02_web

    Wired Live

  • garance-illustration-WiredLive01_web

    Wired Live

  • garance-illustration-chocolatdesfrancais_web

    Le Chocolat des Français

  • Alternatiba-Connecter-web

    Alternatiba - Connecting

  • Alternatiba-Echanger-web

    Alternatiba - Communicating

  • Gif_dance


  • BluePalmtree-web

    Blue Palmtree

  • BeerFactory01-web

    Beer Factory

  • BeerFactory02-web

    Beer Factory

  • LikeCheeseAndWhine-web

    Like Cheese And Wine

  • HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs-PockoAgency-web

    Home Is Where The Heart Is

  • HowtodealWithFear-web

    How to deal With Fear

  • Scientist-for-Moth-Studio-web

    Moth Studio - Scientists

  • Christmas-Village-web

    Christmas Village

  • ChristmasShopping-web

    Christmas Shopping

  • YardSalePizza-web

    Yard Sale Pizza

  • Gif_run


  • OnYourShoulders-web

    On Your Shoulders

  • Twin01-web

    Twins series

  • Twin02-web

    Twins series

  • Twin03-web

    Twins series

  • Final_GiletJaune-web

    Yellow Vests Protests

  • Couple-web


  • Cheers-web


  • dance6-web


  • Family-Dinner-web

    Family Dinner

  • DogandGirl-web

    Dog and Girl

  • Gif_velo


  • Foule-for-Maison-Tangible-web

    Maison Tangible - Crowd

  • FrenchApero-web

    French Apéro

  • Girl01-web

    Girls series

  • Girl02-web

    Girls series

  • Girl03-web

    Girls series

  • Friendship-web


  • Musicians-web


  • MyneighboursTheDumplings-web

    My neighbours The Dumplings

  • Portrait1-web

    Portrait series

  • Portrait2-web

    Portrait series

  • Portrait3-web

    Portrait series

  • SaturdayInThePark-web

    Saturday In The Park

  • SelfCare-web

    Self Care

  • TakingCareOfYou-web

    Taking Care Of You

  • strangers9-web


  • TeachingYoungers-web

    Teaching Youngsters

  • tumblr_ppmyfkW5c11tf9ya7o1_r1_1280-web

    Group hug

  • SummerTime_ErrratumMagazine-web

    Erratum Magazine - Summer time

  • TheSpurttowArms-web

    The Spurttow Arms

  • WineOclock-web

    It's Wine O'clock