Makoto Funatsu

Tokyo, Japan

Ever wondered what the mix between an impressionist oil painting and a B&W photography of contemporary landscapes would look like? Well, Society of Illustrators award winner Makoto Funatsu’s distinctive artwork is at this crossroads – a unique combination of tradition and modernity. Over the last decade, Makoto’s wonderfully scenic illustrations have reached a balance between subtly peaceful colors and bold shades. Using photos of places she’s visited, she paints with a complex palette of nostalgia, serenity, joy and sorrow to depict landscapes and people that feel familiar and, well, as peaceful as we would so often like life to feel. Makoto Funatsu’s work ranges from conceptual illustration to advertising and from book covers to murals.

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_01

    NHK Publishings - Cover Illustration - Eiffel Tower

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_02

    NHK Publishings - Cover Illustration - Mountain Hike

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_03

    NHK Publishings - Cover Illustration - Black cat

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_04

    NHK Publishings - Cover Illustration - Sunflowers and lavender

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_05

    NHK Publishings - Cover Illustration - Sunset walk on the beach

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_06

    NHK Publishings - Cover Illustration - Village

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_07

    NHK Publishings - Cover Illustration - Sledge ride

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_08

    NHK Publishings - Cover Illustration - Paris by night

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_09

    CD Cover - Any Where You Like - Verandah

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_10

    Book Cover - The boy at the top of the mountain by John Boyne

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_11

    Book Cover - Anything is possible by Elizabeth Strout

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_13

    Book Cover - The little Paris bookshop by Nina George

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_14

    Holm Real Estate

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_15

    Holm Real Estate

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_16

    Holm Real Estate

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_17

    Holm Real Estate

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_18

    Holm Real Estate

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_19

    Holm Real Estate

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_20

    AARP Magazine

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_21

    AARP Magazine

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_22

    Personal Work - Blue Bridge

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_23

    Personal Work - Encounter

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_24

    Personal Work - Declining sun

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_25

    Personal Work - Boys after school

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_26

    Personal Work - Magic hour

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_27

    Personal Work - Moment

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_28

    Personal Work - Purple Sky

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_29

    Personal Work - Boy on a bicycle

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_30

    Personal Work - Shrine

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_31

    Black and White Series - Kaoru Takamura's GIRLS A - The Mainichi

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_32

    Black and White Series - Kaoru Takamura's GIRLS A - The Mainichi

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_33

    Black and White Series for a serial novel in Weekly Shincho

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_34

    Black and White Series for a serial novel in Weekly Shincho

  • Garance_Makoto_Funatsu_35

    Black and White Series for a serial novel in Weekly Shincho