Valencia, Spain

Malota is only happy when she’s drawing – well, that’s not true: she’s also happy when she’s giving lectures about drawing and her work as an illustrator. Mar Hernandez (that’s her full name, by the way) first approaches her projects from a conceptual angle and takes the time to reflect on the intellectual components to elaborate her illustrations. Her style is versatile and personal, colorful and optimistic and her work rich in details and textures. As she never runs out of creativity or energy, she also works on projects related to design, music and ceramics.
  • Test-tube-cheese

    Experience Magazine

  • Malota-How_To_Date_During_A_Pandemic2

    Experience Magazine

  • Malota-The-Present-opti

    The Present

  • Garance-malota-stayhome

    Stay Home

  • Garance-Malota-Once-upton-a-Star-Cover

    Once upon a Star Cover

  • Garance-Malota-Once-upton-a-Star_02

    Once upon a Star

  • Garance-Malota-Once-upton-a-Star_03

    Once upon a Star

  • Garance-Malota-Once-upton-a-Star_04

    Once upon a Star

  • Garance-Malota-Once-upton-a-Star_05

    Once upon a Star

  • Garance-Malota-Once-upton-a-Star_06

    Once upon a Star

  • Garance-Malota-Simone


  • Garance-Malota-Simone_02


  • Garance-Malota-Simone_03


  • Garance-Malota-Simone_04


  • Garance-Malota-Simone_05


  • Garance-Malota-Simone_06


  • Garance-Malota-Ceres-the-most-beautiful-place

    Ceres, the most beautiful place in the Asteroid Belt

  • Illustration-for-the-25th-anniversary-of-FNAC-Spain.-The-future-everyday-objects-such-as-coffee-maker-and-phone

    FNAC - The future everyday objects

  • Illustration-for-the-25th-anniversary-of-FNAC-Spain.-The-future-everyday-objects-such-as-coffee-maker-and-phone-.

    FNAC - The future everyday objects

  • Garance-Malota-Exprience-mag-Eye_ChartAF

    Exprience Magazine - Eye Chart

  • Animated-Gif-for-digital-magazine-of-Northeastern-University-Experience-

    Experience Magazine - Triple Ride

  • Animated-gif-for-Experience-online-magazine-of-Northeastern-University2

    Experience Magazine - Embrace - Gif

  • Animated-gif-for-Experience-online-magazine-of-Northeastern-University-.

    Experience magazine - Polyamory

  • Garance-Malota-Plansponsor-Schwab-Arbitration

    Plansponsor Magazine - Schwab Arbitration

  • Garance-Malota-Plansponsor_-_The_Best_in_Class

    Plansponsor Magazine - The Best in Class

  • Garance-Malota-Plansponsor-Student-Loan-Debt

    Plansponsor Magazine - Student Loan Debt

  • Garance-Malota-Illustoria-Magazine-AF

    Illustoria Magazine - Things I like

  • Garance-Malota-Meow-deck-for-Legends-Playing-Card-Co

    Legends Playing Cards - Meow deck

  • Garance-Malota-Meow-deck-for-Legends-Playing-Card-Co3

    Legends Playing Cards - Clubs

  • Garance-Malota-Meow-deck-for-Legends-Playing-Card-Co2

    Legends Playing Cards - Spades

  • Garance-Malota-Spot_The_New_Yorker01

    The New Yorker - Spots

  • Garance-Malota-Spot_The_New_Yorker06

    The New Yorker - Spots

  • Garance-Malota-Spot_The_New_Yorker03

    The New Yorker - Spots

  • Garance-Malota-Spot_The_New_Yorker04

    The New Yorker - Spots

  • Garance-Malota-Spot_The_New_Yorker09

    The New Yorker - Spots

  • Garance-Malota-Spot_The_New_Yorker10

    The New Yorker - Spots

  • Illustration-for-Oprah-magazine

    Oprah magazine - Severed

  • Illustration-for-Oprah-magazine-Summer-readings-

    Oprah magazine - Summer reads

  • Illustration-for-The-New-York-Times-everyone-feels-good-wearing-swimsuit-

    The New York Times - Swimsuits feel good

  • illustration-for-Open-Skies-Magazine-London-subway-

    Open Skies Magazine - London subway

  • Garance-Malota-SAP-Conference-Business-Women

    SAP Conference - Business Women

  • Ilustradores-a-la-mesa-is-a-charity-project-where-each-illustrator-proposes-a-picture-and-choose-a-special-recipe-for-it

    'Ilustradores a la Mesa' Charity Project

  • Illustration-for-the-New-York-Times.-Genetic-and-cancer.

    The NY Times - Genetics and cancer

  • Illustration-for-Coop-magazine

    Coop magazine

  • Artwork-for-Brightly-a-platform-of-Penguin-Random-House-dedicated-to-reading-and-children

    Penguin Random House - Brightly Platform

  • Characters-for-a-packaging


  • Illustration-for-Onfire-magazine

    Onfire magazine

  • Notebook-covers-for-La-Impreta-CG

    La Impreta - Notebooks

  • Label-design-for-a-limited-edition-of-Gigantic-beer

    Gigantic beers - Limited Edition Label

  • Label-design-for-a-limited-edition-of-Gigantic-beer2

    Gigantic beers - Limited edition label

  • Illustration-for-Variety-magazine

    Variety Magazine

  • Garance-Malota-gel-travel-pouches

    Body Care - Shower gel travel pouches

  • Personal-project-Things-I-like-

    Personal project - Things I like

  • personal-project-pencil-love-

    Personal Work - Pencil love