Marielle Durand

Paris, France

Marielle Durand has many different hats: she is an illustrator, a graphic designer and an art teacher, but the one she enjoys wearing the best is travel diary artist. Marielle spends her time on the road, traveling the world and stopping to sketch its landscapes, cities, and people with her fluid strokes. Marielle loves the spontaneity of this line of work, the freedom of sketching the mundane lives of people wherever she is in the world, or the dramatically epic Manhattan skyline. Her gorgeous watercolor and India ink creations reveal the uniqueness of a moment and in the same stroke connect the spectator to a shared human experience.
  • garance-illustration-marielle-durand-mairie-11e-holiday-card_web

    The City of Paris 11th Arrondissement Holiday Card

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-Jardin-de-la-Pointe-du-Jour_web

    Lockdown Challenge - Jardin de la Pointe du Jour

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-Jardin-Brassai_web

    Lockdown Challenge - Jardin Brassai

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-La-Butte-Aux-Cailles_web

    Lockdown Challenge - La Butte Aux Cailles

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-Sainte-Anne

    Lockdown Challenge - Sainte Anne

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-Bataclan

    Lockdown Challenge - Bataclan

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-Misso

    Lockdown Challenge - Misso

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-Bleu-dAuvergne-Allier_web

    Bleu d'Auvergne - Allier

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-Parc-Montsouris_web

    Parc Montsouris

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-La-Maison-du-Contremaitre_web

    La Maison du Contremaitre

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-Joigny_web


  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-Grand-Palais_web

    Grand Palais

  • garance-illustration-Marielle-Durand-Chateldon-Vichy-st-blaise-a-londres_web

    Chateldon - Vichy

  • Marielle-Durand-Peonies-opti


  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-Carnet-Atelier

    Studio Sketchbook

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-atelier2

    Studio Sketchbook

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-Blakans-viel-homme

    Balkans Sketchbook - Old Man

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-Carnet-Balkans-groupe

    Balkans Sketchbook - Group of friends

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-La-martinique

    La Martinique Sketchbook

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-La-Martinique2-

    La Martinique Sketchbook

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-La-Martinique3

    La Martinique Sketchbook

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-librairie

    Book store Sketchbook

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-Central-Park-hot-day

    NYC Sketchbook - Central Park on a summer day

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-Carnet-NY-amateur.-nightjpeg

    NYC Sketchbook - NY amateur night

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-Marche-sur-le-feu

    Fire March Sketchbook

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-St-Jean-La-paloma-liseuse

    St Jean La paloma Sketchbook - Reader

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-St-Jean-La-Paloma-plage

    St Jean La Paloma sketchbook - Beach

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-Carnet-St-Jean-La-Paloma-liseuse-2

    St Jean La Paloma Sketchbook - Reading

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-carnet-Paris-Rue-Abel

    Paris Sketchbook - Abel Street

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-Paris-Canal-St-Martin

    Paris Sketchbook - Canal Saint Martin

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-reue-XXI-Train-bleu

    XXI Magazine - Le Train Bleu

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-Gille-Rosier-Shirts-Collars

    Gilles Rosier Shirts & Collars

  • Garance-Marielle-Durand-Gilles-Rosier-Shirts-Collars-

    Gilles Rosier Shirts & Collars

  • Portrait-for-French-broadcast-show-France-Culture

    Portrait for French broadcast show France Culture

  • Opener-of-the-Parisian-section-Voyage

    The Parisian - Voyage section

  • Illustration-for-the-Parisian-Voyage-section

    Illustration for the Parisian Voyage section

  • Illustration-for-the-Parisian-Voyage-section3

    Illustration for the Parisian - Voyage section

  • Illustration-for-the-Parisian-Voyage-section2

    Illustration for the Parisian - Voyage section

  • Red-and-Blue-portrait-for-Convene-New-York-Park-Avenue

    Red and Blue portrait for Convene New York Park Avenue

  • Red-and-blue-portrait-for-Convene-Park-Avenue-New-York

    Red and blue portrait for Convene Park Avenue New York

  • Red-and-blue-portrait-for-Convene-Park-Avenue-New-York2

    Red and blue portrait for Convene Park Avenue New York

  • Portrait

    Vietnam Sketchbook - Portrait

  • Man-under-a-tree-Vietman-

    Vietnam Sketchbook - Man under a tree

  • Sketchbook-Vietnam-

    Vietnam sketchbook

  • Convene-Loves-New-York-exhibition8

    Vietnam Sketchbook

  • Convene-Loves-New-York-exhibition

    Convene Loves New York exhibition

  • Convene-Loves-New-York-exhibition2

    Convene Loves New York exhibition

  • Convene-Loves-New-York-exhibition3

    Convene Loves New York exhibition

  • Convene-Loves-New-York-exhibition4

    Convene Loves New York exhibition

  • Convene-loves-New-York-exhibition5

    Convene loves New York exhibition

  • Convene-Loves-New-York-exhibition7

    Convene Loves New York exhibition

  • Convene-Loves-New-York-exhibition6

    Convene Loves New York exhibition

  • Greeting-card

    Greeting card