Mauco Sosa

Mendoza, Argentina

Mauco Sosa is a visual artist, an illustrator and art director with a persistent enthusiasm to create new things. He has a background in visual arts but in his professional career, he has touched different ports working as a designer, cartoonist, publishing poetry books, editing cultural magazines, performing contemporary art exhibitions and shooting short films. Mauco specializes in art direction, info graphics and corporate illustration for clients around the world such as CBRE, BBVA or Telefonica, among others.
  • garance-illustration-Mauco-Sosa-Experience-Magazine

    Experience Magazine

  • garance-illustration-Mauco-Sosa-Experience-Magazine-Neuro-Gastronomy

    Experience Magazine - Neuro Gastronomy

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-16402994_242074946219202_2959337589158100662_o

    Eli Electric - Electric car launching

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-El-pais-Semanal-Sunday-mag-1

    El País Semanal Sunday Mag

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-El-pais-Semanal-Sunday-mag-2png

    El País Semanal Sunday Mag

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-El-pais-Semanal-Sunday-mag-3

    El País Semanal Sunday Mag

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-nescafe-Dolce-Gusto-

    nescafe Dolce Gusto

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-nescafe-Dolce-Gusto-detail

    Nescafe Dolce Gusto

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-nescafe-Dulce-Gusto-2

    Nescafe Dulce Gusto

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-nescafe-Dolce-Gusto-detail2

    Nescafe Dolce Gusto

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-Paragon-Dublin

    Paragon Dublin

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-San-Juan-Sun-Set-poster-1

    San Juan Sun Set

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-London-Spectrum

    London Spectrum

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-London-Spectrum-bulding

    London Spectrum

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-Londn-Spectrum-characters

    Londn Spectrum characters

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-Stab-Norway

    Stab Norway

  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-expedia-1


  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-expedia-2


  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-expedia-3


  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-greenenergy-0


  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-greenenergy-1


  • Garance-Mauco-Sosa-greenergy-2


  • Garance-mauco_Sosa_180

    Pop-up house

  • Garance-mauco_Sosa_181

    Arts & sports

  • Garance-mauco_Sosa_183


  • Garance-mauco_Sosa_185

    Shooting hoops

  • Mauco-Poster-for-Neolabels-Company-Having-an-idea-is-simple.-Making-it-visible-is-an-art

    Neolabels Company - Poster "Having an idea is simple. Making it visible is an art

  • Mauco-Brain-mechanics-animated-gif

    Neolabels Company - Animated

  • Sosa_68_2_850


  • Mauco-Clipart-project-Salvador-Dalí

    Clipart project - Salvador Dalí

  • Mauco-Clipart-project-Andy-Warhol

    Clipart Project - Andy Warhol

  • Mauco-Clipart-project-Christo

    Clipart project - Christo

  • Mauco-Clipart-Project-Piet-Mondrian

    Clipart Project - Piet Mondrian

  • Mauco-Clipart-project-Leonardo-Da-Vinci

    Clipart project - Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Mauco-Clipart-Project-Henry-Matisse

    Clipart Project - Henry Matisse

  • Mauco-Clipart-project-Edgar-Degàs

    Clipart project - Edgar Degàs

  • Mauco-Inforgraphics-for-French-government

    Infographics for French government

  • Mauco-Illustration-for-French-governement

    Illustration for French governement

  • Mauco-Illustration-for-French-government

    Illustration for French government

  • Mauco-Illustration-for-Phillipines-Governement-2

    Illustration for Phillipines Governement

  • Mauco-Illustration-for-Phillipines-governement

    Illustration for Phillipines governement

  • Mauco-Illustration-for-the-Canadian-Governement-1

    Illustration for the Canadian Governement

  • Mauco-Illustrations-for-Canadian-governement-2

    Illustration for the Canadian governement

  • Mauco-Poster-for-Fiestas-de-Soria

    Fiestas de San Juan Poster

  • Mauco-Vectorial-illustration


  • Mauco-Postcard-for-a-contest-Un-dedo-de-espuma-dos-dedos-de-frente

    Postcard for a contest "Un dedo de espuma, dos dedos de frente"