Maud Vantours

Paris, France

Parisian plastic artist Maud Vantours gives paper the haute-couture treatment, transforming a familiar material into striking masterpieces. Her 3-D geometric projects are inspired by sources as wide-ranging as Incan patterns, Miami architecture and European roof tiles. She then translates it all into a pattern and uses an eye-popping color palette to create 3D visual effects with layers of skillfully cutout paper. Exciting, poetic, unique and unforgettable – yes, yes, all that!

  • Maud-Vantours-Happy-2021

    Happy 2021

  • garance-illustration-MAUD_VANTOURS_1_web

    Allure x Ulta Beauty - See yourself, see each other

  • garance-illustration-MAUD_VANTOURS_6_web

    Allure x Ulta Beauty - See yourself, see each other

  • garance-illustration-MAUD_VANTOURS_3_web

    Allure x Ulta Beauty - See yourself, see each other

  • garance-illustration-MAUD_VANTOURS_4_web

    Allure x Ulta Beauty - See yourself, see each other

  • Maud-Vantours-Indian-opti

    Personal work - Indian

  • Maud-Vantours-Social-Distancing-opti

    Personal work - Social Distancing

  • garance-maud-vantours-Bahidora-


  • garance-maud-vantours-Bahidora


  • garance-maud-vantours-Bahidora2


  • Maud-Vantours-Christian-Louboutin-2

    Christian Louboutin

  • Maud-Vantours-Christian-Louboutin-3

    Christian Louboutin

  • Maud-Vantours-Christian-Louboutin-4

    Christian Louboutin

  • Maud-Vantours-Chirstiand-Louboutin-campaign-1

    Chirstiand Louboutin

  • garance-maud-vantours-gap


  • Maud-Vantours-Bombay-Sapphire

    Bombay Sapphire

  • Maud-Vantours-Arjowiggins


  • Maud-Vantours-Baume-Mercier

    Baume & Mercier

  • Maud-Vantours-Baume-et-Mercier-4

    Baume & Mercier

  • Maud-Vantours-Baume-et-Mercier-3

    Baume & Mercier

  • Maud-Vantours-Baume-et-Mercier-2

    Baume & Mercier

  • Maud-Vantours-Annick-Goutal

    Annick Goutal

  • Maud-Vantours-Dior


  • Maud-Vantours-Lancôme-Oranges

    Maison Lancôme

  • Maud-Vantours-Kenzo-Flowers

    Kenzo Flowers

  • Maud-Vantours-SKP-Magazine-4

    SKP Magazine

  • Maud-Vantours-SKP-Magazine-3

    SKP Magazine

  • Maud-Vantours-SKP-Magazine-2

    SKP Magazine

  • Maud-Vantours-Adidas-campaign-2


  • Maud-Vantours-Adidas-campaign


  • Maud-Vantours-Personal-work-Oscillations

    Personal work - Oscillations

  • Maud-Vantours-Flora

    Personal work - Flora

  • Maud-Vantours-Diptyque-Paper-art-colors

    Diptyque - Paper art colors

  • Maud-Vantours-Diptyque-paperart-colors

    Diptyque - Paper Art colors

  • Maud-Vantours-Diptyque-Paper-art-detail-2

    Diptyque - Paper art detail

  • Maud-Vantours-Diptyque-3-1-e1579628104511


  • Maud-Vantours-Hetch-x-Formica

    Hetch x Formica

  • Maud-Vantours-Hetch-x-Formica-circular

    Hetch x Formica

  • Maud-Vantours-Hetch-x-Formica-closeup3

    Hetch x Formica

  • Maud-Vantours-Moët-Hennessey-Champagne-Les-caves-particulières-campaign-Display

    Moët Hennessey Champagne

  • Maud-Vantours-Moët-Hennessey-Champagne-Les-caves-particulières-campaign-lit-up

    Moët Hennessey Champagne

  • Maud-Vantours-Moët-Hennessey-Champagne-Les-caves-particulières-campaign-building

    Moët Hennessey Champagne

  • Maud-Vantours-Moët-Hennessey-Champagne-Les-caves-particulières-campaign-Monuments-of-Paris

    Moët Hennessey Champagne

  • Maud-Vantours-Le-pot-commun-Campaign-1

    Le pot commun

  • Maud-Vantours-Le-Pot-Commun-campaign-gifthouse

    Le Pot Commun

  • Maud-Vantours-Le-Pot-Commun-campaign-poster

    Le Pot Commun