Nishant Choksi

Brighton, UK

Nishant Choksi’s editorial illustrations are like cartoons for grown-ups, visually representing dense ideas through an ever-pleasing play of bright color, clever characterization and short bites of humor. He’s an adaptable modernist with old school sensibilities, bringing skillfully light-hearted imagery to the pages of your newspaper, magazines, or iPad, and satisfying editorial brief for big brands while retaining the ineffable charm of a comic strip. Fun, funny and ever-so-clever; sometimes simple lines tell the best stories.
  • Garance-Illustration-Nishant-Choksi-Natural-Wine-for-the-People-cover_web

    Natural Wine for the People - Cover

  • garance-nishant-choksi_natural-wine-for-the-people-corner

    Natural wine for the people - Corner

  • garance-nishant-choksi_natural-wine-for-the-people-couple

    Natural wine for the people - Couple

  • garance-nishant-choksi-natural-wine-for-the-people-smell

    Natural wine for the people - Smell

  • garance-nishant-choksi-natural-wine-for-the-people-Unicornwines

    Natural wine for the people - Unicornwines

  • garance-nishant-choksi-naturl-wine-for-the-people-winemakers

    Natural wine for the people - Winemakers

  • garance-nishant-choksi-winemakers02

    Natural wine for the people - Winemakers 2

  • Garance-Illustration-Nishant-Choksi-Biking-surfer_web

    Bonobos - Biking surfer

  • Garance-Illustration-Nishant-Choksi-Bonobos-trunks

    Bonobos - Trunks

  • Garance-Illustration-Nishant-Choksi-Bonobo-Bike-Tee_web

    Bonobos - Bike Tee

  • wfhkids

    Working from home with kids

  • dogmask

    Social Distancing

  • mumvsdad

    Mum vs Dad

  • socialdistancing

    Social distancing

  • wfh

    Working from home

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-The-Wall-Street-Journal-Statue

    The Wall Street Journal - Statue

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Wall-Street-Journal-Accountant

    The Wall Street Journal - Accountant

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Wall-Street-Journal-Hackers

    The Wall Street Journal - Hackers

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Frowning-1


  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Narcissist


  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Vegan


  • animated-gif-for-The-New-Yorker

    Animated gif for The New Yorker

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Nuit


  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-The-New-York-Times-

    The New York Times - Closing in

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Wall-Street-Journal-Depressed

    The Wall Street Journal - Depressed

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Anxiety-1


  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Wizard-of-oz

    Wizard of oz

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Bookjacket


  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Mobydick-scaled


  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Summerbooks


  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Sushi


  • Spots-series-for-the-Guardian

    Spots series for the Guardian

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Cork


  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Drink-up

    Drink up!

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-NYT-Book-Review-Summer-readings1

    NYT Book Review - Summer readings

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-NYT-Book-Review-Summer-readings2-1

    NYT Book Review- Summer readings

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-NYT-Book-Review-Summer-readings3

    NYT Book Review - Summer readings

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-NYT-Book-Review-Summer-readings4

    NYT Book Review - Summer readings

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-NYT-Book-Review-Summer-readings5

    NYT Book Review - Summer readings

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-Growth


  • Illustration-for-the-New-Yorker-Magazine-The-Party-Crashers-Is-the-new-populism-about-the-message-or-the-medium

    The New Yorker Mag - The Party Crashers

  • Illustration-for-the-New-York-Times

    Illustration for the New York Times

  • The-New-Yorker-magazine-The-Republican-Class-War

    The New Yorker mag- The Republican Class War

  • spots-series-for-the-New-Yorker

    Spots series for the New Yorker

  • DIE-ZEIT-The-Trump-in-us-Cover-illustration

    Die Zeit - Der Trump in Uns

  • animated-gif-for-the-New-York-magazine

    Animated gif for the New York magazine

  • Illustration-for-Warby-Parker-mural

    Illustration for Warby Parker mural

  • E-book


  • Paris-bookstore

    Paris bookstore

  • illustration-for-NPR-short-stories

    Illustration for NPR short stories

  • Illustration-for-National-Public-Radio-2

    NPR short stories - 2

  • Illustration-for-National-Public-Radio

    NPR short stories-3

  • animated-gif-spots-for-the-NewYorker-series-on-love

    Animated gif spots for the NewYorker series on love

  • Illustration-for-Playboy-magazine

    Illustration for Playboy magazine

  • illustration-for-Süddeutsche-Zeitung-Magazin-hang-over

    Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine - Hangover

  • Illustration-for-Surfer-magazine-2

    Illustration for Surfer magazine 2

  • Illustration-for-Surfer-magazine-3

    Illustration for Surfer magazine 3

  • illustration-for-Surfer-magazine

    Illustration for Surfer magazine

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-The-Surfers-Journal-gift-ad

    The Surfers Journal gift ad

  • Garance-Nishant-Choksi-The-Surfers-Journal-ad

    The Surfers Journal ad

  • personal-work-cat-reading

    Personal work cat reading

  • Reading-and-dog-walking

    Reading and dog walking

  • New-York-Times-Book-Review-Self-Help-Books-for-Pet-Parents

    NYT Book Review - Self-Help Books for Pet Parents

  • Orange-and-black-series-2

    Orange and black series 2

  • Orange-and-black-series

    Orange and black series

  • personal-work-Orange-Black

    Personal work - Orange & Black

  • Süddeutsche-Zeitung-Magazin-cover-Is-my-phone-hacked

    Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin cover - Is my phone hacked

  • Süddeutsche-Zeitung-Magazin-inside-illustration-Is-my-phone-hacked

    Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine - Is my phone hacked?

  • personal-work-napomelon

    Personal work - Napomelon

  • Illustration-for-the-Readers-digest

    Illustration for the Reader's digest

  • Hello


  • Street-Party

    Street Party

  • The-Guardian-Love-me-Tinder-–-tales-from-the-frontline-of-modern-dating

    The Guardian - Love me Tinder