Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet

Paris, France

Pierre Emmanuel Lyet likes to wear several hats. As an illustrator, his unique colors and tender lines work wonders in editorial drawings for Le 1, Telerama, or L’Express magazines, but also brighten up children’s imagination in books such as Mona Lisa, My life with Leonard and My wild cat. While wandering the streets of NYC in 2017, Pierre-Emmanuel developed a more instinctive style to sketch colorful on-the-spot drawings which he brought together in his first exhibit, Let Go. A few years later, his more personal work came together beautifully in New-found Time, an exhibit that explored the nostalgia of fleeting moments and summer fantasies. As an animator and artistic director, he directed an impressive collection of short films, such as his multi-awarded Parade, along with many tributes to cinema greats such as Spielberg or Truffaut. The quality that ties together Pierre-Emmanuel’s expansive range of projects is his unique blend of soft and vivid colors, and how familiar his creations instantly feel.

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    10 Things I Wish You

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    Night of the Hunter

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    Surf Legend Stephanie Gilmore