Sebastian König

Hamburg, Germany

Sebastian König is an art director, designer and illustrator with two hearts beating inside: he does minimalistic typographic design as well as colorful and edgy illustration work. His artworks are defined by a rough paper cut-like vector style, grainy textures and carefully picked color compositions. He also works with paper cutouts made from cardboard and paper that benefit from the sensual, haptic feel of raw materials. Drawn to simple imagery with “a little twist or a quirk in them,” Sebastian loves creating moments where suddenly everything clicks and things become clear – his single frames tell a whole story, and have us relate to it with that delicious “I get it!” feeling.

  • Garance-Illustration-Sebastian-Konig-The-sky-is-the-limit

    The sky is the limit

  • Garance-Illustration-Sebastian-Konig-These-boots-are-made-for-walking

    These boots are made for walking

  • 96856959_235197514569824_8770609778914568632_n

    De Volkskrant - Classical culture in Germany

  • 200318_weekendavisen_corona

    Weekendavisen - Corona

  • 200324_cuw_corona_V2_red

    Die Zeit - Pastoral care in corona times

  • home-office

    Home Office

  • Screen-Shot-2020-04-14-at-2.55.39-PM

    Stay home, send some love

  • the-cure

    The Cure

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-cicero-abschwung

    Cicero Magazine - Downturn

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-cicero-china-us

    Cicero Magazine - China & USA

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-housenotes


  • garance-sebastiankoenig-medium0


  • garance-sebastiankoenig-medium1


  • garance-sebastiankoenig-medium2


  • garance-sebastiankoenig-medium3


  • garance-sebastiankoenig-newyorker

    The New Yorker - Ballet

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-stern-sparen

    Stern magazine - Savings

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-warbyparker_greenwich-1

    Warby Parker Eyewear - Greenwich store feature design

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-warbyparker_greenwich-2

    Warby Parker Eyewear - Greenwich store

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-warbyparker_greenwich_03

    Warby Parker Eyewear - Greenwich store

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-warbyparker_greenwich_04

    Warby Parker - Greenwich store feature design

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-warbyparker_southlake_01

    Warby Parker Eyewear - Southlake store fearure design

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-warbyparker_southlake_02

    Warby Parker Eyewear - Southlake store

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-warbyparker_southlake_03

    Warby Parker Eyewear - Southlake store

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-warbyparker_southlake_04-1920x1280-1

    Warby Parker Eyewear - Southlake store

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-zeitmagazinhh_cover-2

    Die Zeit Magazine - Cover - Seagull

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-zeitmagazinhh_cover

    Die Zeit Magazine - Cover - Sitting on the dock

  • Illustration-for-Papier-magazine-70-years-of-peace-in-Europe-

    Papier magazine - 70 years of peace in Europe

  • Illustration-for-luggage-manufacturer-Rimowa

    Rimowa luggage manufacturer - Dragging one along

  • Personal-work-illustration-series-cars-

    Personal work- Illustration series - Cars

  • Illustration-for-Lucky-Punch-Press-no-more-borders-

    Lucky Punch Press - No more borders

  • Personal-work-illustration-series-cars-2

    Personal work- Illustration series - Cars

  • illustration-for-Stern-longing-for-holidays-happiness-

    Stern Magazine - Longing for holidays happiness

  • personal-work-rainy-summer-

    Personal work - Rainy summer

  • personal-work-rainy-summer-2

    Personal work - Rainy summer

  • personal-work-rainy-summer-3

    Personal work - Rainy summer

  • personal-work-shots-

    Personal work - Shots

  • personal-work-shots-2

    Personal work - Shots

  • personal-work-shots-3

    Personal work - Shots

  • illustration-for-an-upcoming-book-the-fast-ride-

    Book - The fast ride

  • Illustration-for-an-upcoming-book-the-high-speed-train-

    Book - The high speed train

  • illustration-for-Bauhaus-now-magazine-the-legacy-of-Bauhaus-education-

    Bauhaus now magazine - The legacy of Bauhaus education

  • illustration-for-Bauhaus-now-magazine-the-legacy-of-Bauhaus-education-1-1

    Bauhaus now magazine - The legacy of Bauhaus education

  • illustration-for-Billion-One-Bunte-Liebe-Records-Aoum-

    Billion One, Bunte Liebe Records - Aoum

  • illustration-for-cicero-magazine-building-walls-

    Cicero Magazine - Building walls

  • Illustration-for-Cicero-Magazine-the-future-of-diesel-

    Cicero Magazine - The future of diesel

  • garance-sebastiankoenig-cicero

    Cicero Magazine - Greenhouse gas

  • Illustration-for-Cicero-magazine-the-future-of-diesel-1-1

    Cicero magazine - The future of diesel

  • Illustration-for-Intermediar-magazine-conflicts-at-work-

    Intermediar magazine - Conflicts at work

  • illustration-for-Cicero-magazine

    Cicero magazine - Pointing fingers

  • Illustration-for-Die-Zeit-mimetic-behavior-

    Die Zeit - Mimetic behavior