Tatjana Prenzel

Frankfurt, Germany

Tatjana Prenzel likes reading between the lines – you know, those “small font lines” moments that never make it to Instagram? Well, she shines a (gorgeous) light on the silence, the boredom, the wandering that usually remain in the shadows. She skillfully works her hand-made textures, her playful use of layers and her wide range of colors into vivid compositions that flirt with the abstract. Her clients include The New York Times, The New Yorker, Warby Parker, Penguin Random House, Etsy, The Washington Post, and more.

  • Garance-Illustration-Tatjana-Prenzel-Help

    Personal work - Help

  • Experience-Magazine-VR-1024x1024-web

    Experience Magazine - Fresh (virtual) air will do you good

  • NYTimes-Art-Leisure-Beethoven-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The New York Times Art & Leisure - Beethoven

  • NYTimes-Book-Review-Amy-Feltman-WillaHesper-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The New York Times Book Review - Amy Feltman's 'Willa & Hesper'

  • NYTimes-Book-Review-Deception-in-gay-literature-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The New York Times Book Review - Deception in gay literature

  • NYTimes-Book-Review-Ljudmila-Ulizkaja-Jacobs-Ladder-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The New York Times Book Review - Ljudmila Ulizkaja's 'Jacob's-Ladder'

  • NYTimes-Parenting-Self-Care-still-exists-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The New York Times Parenting - Self Care still exists

  • Elemental-Medium-5-Senses-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Elemental Medium - 5 Senses

  • Tinder-Five-Parts-of-Attraction-1-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Tinder - Five Parts of Attraction

  • Tinder-Five-Parts-of-Attraction-2-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Tinder - Five Parts of Attraction

  • Tinder-Five-Parts-of-Attraction-3-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Tinder - Five Parts of Attraction

  • Etsy-Earth-Month-1-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Etsy- Earth Month

  • Etsy-Earth-Month-2-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Etsy - Earth Month

  • Etsy-Earth-Month-3-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Etsy - Earth Month

  • Etsy-Earth-Month-4-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Etsy - Earth Month

  • Etsy-Earth-Month-5-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Etsy - Earth Month

  • Warby-Parker-1-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Warby Parker

  • Warby-Parker-2-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Warby Parker

  • Warby-Parker-3-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Warby Parker

  • TNewYorker-Goings-on-Faye-Driscoll-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The New Yorker - Goings on - Faye Driscoll

  • TNewYorker-Goings-on-Limon-Dance-Company-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The New Yorker - Goings on - Limon Dance Company

  • TNewYorker-Goings-on-Paul-Swan-is-dead-and-gone-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The New Yorker - Goings on - Paul Swan is dead and gone

  • TNewYorker-Goings-on-Ronald-K-Brown-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The New Yorker - Goings on - Ronald K. Brown

  • Medium-Abortion-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Medium - When Abortion Is Sacred

  • Penguin-Random-House-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Penguin Random House

  • Personal-1-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Personal Work

  • Personal-2-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Personal Work

  • Personal-3-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Personal Work

  • Personal-4-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Personal Work

  • Personal-5-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Personal Work

  • Personal-6-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Personal Work

  • Personal-7-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Personal Work

  • Personal-8-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Personal Work

  • Relais-Chateux-Ol-Donyo-Lodge-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    Relais & Chateaux - Ol Donyo Lodge

  • The-Scout-Association-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The Scout Association

  • The-Vault-1-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The Vault - Short fiction collection

  • The-Vault-2-Tatjana-Prenzel-web

    The Vault - Short fiction collection