Vincent Mahé

Paris, France

Vincent Mahé is an explorer – he loves to peruse the streets of supercities as much as to wander wildly remote landscapes, not to mention drifting off on Space odysseys any chance he gets. All of this is fuel to his imagination, and his primary source of inspiration. A close second is art, in any shape or form. His artwork is elaborately simple, and breathtakingly unassuming. Vincent works predominantly with the international press, including La Revue Dessinée, XXI Magazine, The New Yorker and the Washington Post, but also illustrates products and advertising campaigns for selective brands such as Apple, Google, L’Occitane and Rimowa, to name just a few.
  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Le-1-2020-the-space-Odyssey-

    Le 1 Magazine -2020 A space Odyssey

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-VM_explorers


  • Garance-Illustration-Vincent-Mahé-Los-Angeles-Times

    The Los Angeles Times

  • Garance-Illustration-Vincent-Mahé-The-New-Yorker-The-history-of-the-Louvre

    The New Yorker - The history of the Louvre

  • illustration-for-The-New-Yorker-magazine-Star-Trek-Beyond-

    The New Yorker Magazine - Star Trek Beyond

  • Garance-Illustration-Vincent-Mahé-The-New-Yorker-Paris-during-lockdown

    The New Yorker - Paris during lockdown

  • 83456018_826464384495267_6129384909811039932_n

    Quarantined ping pong

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-reporter-sans-frontieres-

    Reporters without borders

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Press2

    La Revue Dessinée - Reporting in the making

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-press

    La Revue Dessinée - Reporting in the making

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-La-revue-dessinee-dans-la-place-French-Parlements-cafe_1

    La revue dessinée - French Parlement's café

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-La-revue-dessinee-dans-la-place-French-Parlements-cafe-2

    La revue dessinée - French Parlement's café

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Football

    La Revue Illustrée - Football

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-NewYorkTime-cover


  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-los-angeles

    Los Angeles

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-NewYorkTime2

    The New York Times

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-NewYorkTime

    The New York Times

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-NewYorkTime-windowright

    The New York Times

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-NewYorkTime-windowleft

    The New York Times

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-NewYorkTime-neighbours_diningroom

    The New York Times

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-NewYorkTime-HotelLibrary

    Omega Magazine

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-New-Yorker

    The New Yorker

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-New-Yorker-Black-historymuseum

    The New Yorker - Black History Museum

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-New-Yorker-Web-banner1

    The New Yorker

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-New-Yorker-Web-banner

    The New Yorker

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-New-Yorker-Tank

    The New Yorker

  • Spots-series-for-The-New-Yorker-magazine-Grill-9-

    The New Yorker Magazine

  • Spots-series-for-The-New-Yorker-magazine-Grill-4-

    The New Yorker Magazine

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-New-Yorker-GRILL_mini

    The New Yorker Magazine

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-New-Yorker-GRILL_jazzman

    The New Yorker Magazine

  • Spots-series-for-The-New-Yorker-magazine-Grill-8-

    The New Yorker Magazine

  • Spots-series-for-The-New-Yorker-magazine-Grill-2-

    The New Yorker Magazine

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Tsingy-Bemaraha

    Tsingy Bemaraha

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Mont-fuji

    Mount Fuji

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Iles-Bretonnes

    Brittany Isles

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Geiranger-Fjord

    Geiranger Fjord

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Baikal


  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Ayersrock

    Ayers Rock

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-future_past

    Then and Now series - Past

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-future-and-now

    Then and Now series - Present

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-future

    Then and Now Series - Future?

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Concorde

    Now and then series - Place de la Concorde

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-nowandthen

    Now and then series - Paris city corner

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-couv-lire-mag

    Lire Magazine - Cover

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-city-stickers-series-for-Rimowa-ShangaiYuyuan-Old-Street-Market

    Rimowa Luggage - City Stickers Series - Shangai Yuyuan Old Street Market

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-city-stickers-series-for-Rimowa-seoul

    Rimowa Luggage - City Stickers Series - Seoul

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-city-stickers-series-for-Rimowa-paris

    Rimowa Luggage - City Stickers Series - Paris

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-city-stickers-series-for-Rimowa-NY

    Rimowa Luggage - City Stickers Series - New York City

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-city-stickers-series-for-Rimowa-Milan

    Rimowa Luggage - City Stickers Series - Milan

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-city-stickers-series-for-Rimowa-Madrid-parque-del-retiro

    Rimowa Luggage - City Stickers Series - Madrid - Parque Del Retiro

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-city-stickers-series-for-Rimowa-cologne

    Rimowa Luggage - City Stickers Series - Cologne

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Barillas-stand-trade-fair

    Barilla's stand-trade fair

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Maps-for-Paris

    City of Paris - Maps

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Maps-for-Paris-patisserie

    City of Paris - Maps - Pastries

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Maps-for-Paris-maman

    City of Paris - Maps - Family

  • Garance-Vincent-Mahé-Maps-for-Paris-business

    City of Paris - Maps - Business

  • illustration-for-lOccitane-en-Provence-men-product-packaging

    L'Occitane en Provence

  • Guerande-Landscape-of-Britany-

    Personal work - Brittany landscapes - Guérande

  • the-greenhouse

    Personal work - The Greenhouse

  • Illustration-for-the-French-Beer-Gallia


  • Personal-work-The-billboard-NY-city-in-October

    Personal work -The billboard - NYC in October

  • Poster-of-Jacques-Tatis-movie-Playtime-Nautilus-Art-Print

    Jacques Tati's 'Playtime'

  • Poster-Cinema-Modernissimo-

    Personal work - Cinema Modernissimo

  • Illustration-for-opening-campaign-of-MODI-a-new-mall-in-the-borough-of-Shibuya-Tokyo.

    Modi Mall Opening Campaign in Tokyo

  • Illustration-for-opening-campaign-of-MODI-a-new-mall-in-ShibuyaTokyo

    Modi Mall Opening Campaign in Tokyo

  • Illustration-for-opening-campaign-of-MODI-a-new-mall-in-the-borough-Shibuya-Tokyo.

    Modi Mall Opening Campaign in Tokyo

  • V-vincent2

    V vincent2

  • v-vincent1

    v vincent1